More than 328,000 properties now signed up for charge


More than 328,000 properties had been registered for the Government’s €100 household charge by yesterday evening.

The Department of the Environment said 328,201 households had paid, or registered to pay, the charge by 4pm – an increase of 14,860 properties in 24 hours.

Some €32.8 million has been collected from the charge but the Government anticipates total revenue from it this year to be €160 million.

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes said it planned to bring buses from “every county” to Dublin this afternoon for a rally at the National Stadium against the household charge.

Socialist Party councillor Ruth Coppinger, who is leading the campaign, claimed the Government was “reeling” over the low level of registration for the charge. She claimed the rally would send a message nationwide that those who would not pay the charge were “over one million strong”.

Fewer than 20 per cent of households have so far registered. The deadline for registration is March 31st, after which date a sliding scale of late-payment fees and interest will apply.

The Government so far has ruled out any extension of the time to register.