Martin condemns destruction of Irish-run school in Pakistan


Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin has this evening condemned the destruction of an Irish Presentation Order Girls School in Pakistan.

Militants aligned to the Taliban are suspected of being behind the attack.

Minister Martin said he was deeply saddened to learn of the destruction of the school which has educated 1,000 poor schoolchildren every year.

"The destruction of the school represents an enormous set-back for the girls and families of this area and for the courageous Sisters of the Presentation Order, who run this and several other schools in Pakistan," said Minister Martin.

"Such incidents remind us of the often very difficult, and dangerous, conditions in which the Presentation Sisters — and many Irish missionaries around the world — serve the people of the countries in which they operate," he added.

The Minister called for the government of Pakistan and Afghanistan to come together to agree a join security strategy to combat terrorist and militant operations across and near their common border area.