Man jailed for obstructing garda


A man who obstructed a garda trying to give first aid to a person injured following the release of CS gas into a crowded nightclub, received a two- month prison sentence at Waterford District Court yesterday.

Michael Foley (19), Hazel Terrace, Lisduggan, Waterford, was found guilty of obstructing a garda and using threatening, insulting and abusive behaviour in Tramore, Co Waterford, last January 12th.

CS gas had been released into the club causing hundreds to flee on to the streets.

A number of people were treated in hospital, while others had breathing problems and stinging eyes.

During the mayhem Garda James Curry had gone to the aid of an injured man but found himself confronted by a group, one of whom was the defendant. He was forced to swing his baton to keep them away.

Supt Jerry Lynch said: "The gardaí found themselves in an extremely difficult situation, someone had released mace or CS gas in the nightclub. Garda Curry had surgical gloves on to help someone injured and due to Mr Foley had to leave him."

Foley claimed he was manhandled by the gardaí and hit with Garda Curry's torch, but this was refuted by gardaí at the scene.

The District Court judge said the defendant should have taken "the appropriate action through a civil case or criminal complaint".

He added: "Other members of the public are also injured when riots break out due to the mindless behaviour by Mr Foley."