Kenny says Anglo charges imminent


Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has said the Garda file on the Anglo Irish Bank affair recommends to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) that charges be brought against "less than half a dozen" individuals.

Mr Kenny told reporters in Brussels this morning that he did not know which people were concerned but believes the file was now on its way to the DPP's office.

"I understand the file is to go to the DPP, that there will be a recommendation there that a number of people would be prosecuted or would be followed through with a view to prosecution," he said.

"I understand that it's a small number of individuals. I haven't obviously seen that file and I don't have access to the people who are mentioned in it but I understand it's a small number, less than half a dozen."

Asked how he came to this understanding, Mr Kenny said he had been "informed by people who would know these things" but did not know the exact details of what was in the file.

"There's very extensive documentation here. The central file going to the DPP is quite extensive but it's backed up by a huge extent of other documentation which I expect will take some time to analyse carefully," he said.

"The people, however, want a situation that the law of the land be applied to those who are outside that law and the sooner that that happens and that the law decides its course the better."

"I don't have any influence on what the DPP does, his office is completely independent. I'm just making the point that the files are very extensive, the documentation is very extensive and it's a matter for DPP in the independence of his office how he treats that information."

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said on Tuesday the Garda investigation into Anglo Irish Bank is coming to a conclusion. He said the DPP was taking a “very keen interest” in the matter.

Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy said on Monday the files would be before the DPP before the end of the year and that “key decisions” would be made within a short time frame.

The Government announced today it has approved the drafting of a new Bill targeting white collar crime. Following a legal review, the Minister for Justice is proposing to amend the criminal law to improve some procedural matters and strengthen Garda investigative powers.