Jack and Katie top NI names poll


Jack and Katie were the most popular babies’ names in Northern Ireland this year, it was revealed today.

With former model Katie Price maintaining a high public profile, Katie has been the most common girl’s name since 2004. Government agent Jack Bauer is the main character in US television series 24, which has a massive audience here.

Jack has been the most popular boys’ name since 2003, followed by Matthew, Daniel and James.

Sophie and Grace were among the most common girls’ names.

There were around 340 baby boys named Jack and around 240 baby girls named Katie registered in 2009.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency published details today.

A spokesman said: “Over the last decade, parents have become more diverse in the first names they have given to their babies.

“In 2009, there were approximately 2,000 girls’ and 1,400 boys’ names used; compared with 1,500 girls’ and 1,000 boys’ names in 2001.”

First names like Jack and Katie are popular for new mothers across all age groups.

However more modern names such as Dylan and Brooke are increasingly popular amongst younger mothers. More traditional names like Oliver and Sarah are more popular with older mothers.