It's official: summer was dull and wet


This summer has been one of the dullest, wettest and coolest in years, Met Éireann has said.

Temperature and sunshine levels were below average, while rainfall was higher than usual in June, July and August.

Total rainfall was above average across the country, but the south had some of the highest percentage values for the summer months.

In August, most stations in Cork recorded above-average rainfall with many reporting their wettest August in 13 to 15 years.

Mullingar and Cork Airport reported their wettest summers since records began, while Claremorris and Knock airport recorded their wettest summers since 1985 and 1996, respectively.

The majority of stations reported their highest daily rainfall in June. Malin Head recorded the most rain in one day with 50.9mm falling on June 22nd, its highest daily rainfall in 57 years. The west and south of Ireland recorded more wet days than the rest of Ireland.

Total sunshine was low around the country - apart from western coastal areas - with Valentia Observatory reporting its dullest summer in 32 years. Most weather stations recorded the dullest summer in a number of years, and Met Éireann data also shows average air temperatures for the season were below average.

The summer's highest temperature was recorded at Shannon Airport - at 26.5 degrees.