`Irish Times' journalist settles action


The Irish Times columnist, John Waters, is to receive £37,500 damages after agreeing a settlement of his libel action against Independent Newspapers, over an article by Eamon Dunphy in the Sunday Independent in 1995. The newspaper has agreed to print a full apology next Sunday, withdrawing comments made by Mr Dunphy about Mr Waters's character. An apology was read out in the High Court on Friday.

Mr Waters said he was very pleased with the outcome. "This situation could have been fixed on day one by a retraction," he said.

"I went into court, putting everything on the line, my home, my reputation. All the cost to the Sunday Independent is the cost of one day's profit.

"As a journalist I fully understand, appreciate and endorse the view that the libel laws need to be reformed. But there is a more urgent need for reform of certain elements of Irish journalism," Mr Waters said.