Two Ryanair planes clip each other at Dublin airport

Delays at the airport after one plane scraped the tail fin of another aircraft

Two Ryanair planes have collided at Dublin airport. There are no reports of any injuries.

The planes were departing when the winglet of one aircraft seems to have scraped the tail fin of the other .

Emergency services attended the scene while passengers were removed from the aircraft.

One of the planes was the FR7312 flight to Zadar in Croatia. The other was a flight to Edinburgh.


In a statement Ryanair said the two aircraft were taxiing slowly to the runway when the incident happened.

“The winglet of one aircraft appears to have scraped the tail fin of the other. Both aircraft were under the instruction of Dublin Airport Air Traffic Control at the time,” it said.

“Customers were bussed and boarded two replacement aircraft, which departed to Edinburgh and Zadar. Ryanair apologised sincerely to customers for any inconvenience caused.”

Ryanair planes were involved in a similar incident at Dublin airport in October last year.

A Dublin Airport spokeswoman said following the incident there were “some delays but not huge delays” in the airport.