Joe Caslin installs second mural on the side of a castle

Inspired by The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, mural shows two female figures in a tender pose

The artist Joe Caslin, who previously installed a large mural of two young men embracing at the corner of South Great George's Street in Dublin, has added a second mural to his project, inspired by Frederic William Burton's painting The Meeting on the Turret Stairs.

The mural was installed over the weekend on the side of a castle in the west of Ireland.

The 50 foot drawing depicts two female figures in a tender pose. "The images that I wanted to show are things that are dignified," Caslin told The Irish Times, "To show love, that's essentially what it is, the equality that people should have no matter what sort of a relationship they're in."

The biodegradable image was installed on to the side of a 15th century tower house castle, with permission from the owner, using a potato-based adhesive so as to not mark the listed building. The drawing took a week to make, and was then blown up using an architectural printer, “We pushed this one right to the edge,” Caslin said, “this is 14 metres tall and we’re a bit over capacity on the length of it.” He worked with photographer Seán Jackson on the project.


Caslin said he wanted to compliment the “very urban” male piece in Dublin with an “insanely rural” female piece.

“I didn’t want to have the piece of the two lads up and not follow it up with a female version,” he said, “I wanted to show the broader aspects of relationships.”

Caslin’s latest work, which coincides with the marriage referendum, will in time be eroded by rain and wind, much like the piece in Dublin which took a battering during recent wet weather.

Caslin has won critical acclaim for his project Our Nation's Sons, which has seen him erect large-scale portrait murals at various sites around around the country in an attempt to challenge negative stereotypes of young men in Ireland.

Una Mullally

Una Mullally

Una Mullally, a contributor to The Irish Times, writes a weekly opinion column