Inquest told LVF shot man at club


A father of two in Glengormley was shot at close range by the Loyalist Volunteer Force because he was an easy target, an inquest in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, heard yesterday. Mr James Gerard Francis Devlin (36), from Pembrook Court, was murdered in cold blood as he went to meet his brother, Kevin, at St Enda's GAA club last December 5th.

He was shot with the same Browning 9 mm pistol later used to shoot two friends, Mr Philip Allen and Mr Damian Trainor, as they were drinking in a Poyntzpass public house.

Mr Devlin's wife, Audrey, said no direct threats had been made to her husband, who was not involved in politics.

Mr Devlin had been shot twice in the body and five times in the head and neck.

The RUC officer heading the investigation, Det Supt Sam Kincaid, said Mr Devlin "was a fine upstanding man", who had been "selected because he was a lone Catholic coming to the club. They were waiting for someone to arrive on their own, it was a dastardly attack."

Forensic evidence has also linked the pistol used to three punishment shootings in the Portadown area of Co Armagh and an attack on a prison officer's home by the LVF.