IMC submits new report on IRA to governments


The Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) confirmed this morning its has submitted a report to the Irish and British governments on the status of the Provisional IRA’s ruling army council.

The IMC was asked by Northern Secretary Shaun Woodward and the Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern in July  to produce an ad-hoc report "on the future of the Provisional IRA".

The report will be published in Belfast on Wednesday.

The report – the 19th from the IMC - details the current standing of the army council. It is expected to say the army council is dormant and the Provisional IRA is no longer a threat.

The publication of the report coincides with crucial talks between Sinn Féin and the DUP this week about the future of the Stormont institutions. The DUP has claimed the council is "a threat" that is blocking political progress.

The IMC reported last May that all paramilitary groups had "to demonstrate that they have finally disposed of all their terrorist capabilities and weapons".

The report added, specifically in relation to the IRA: "We assess that in practice this [process] is all but complete."