Holy Week Bible-reading marathon


A BIBLE-READING marathon organised by a Dublin church to give comfort and hope to people suffering in the recession will continue during Holy Week until Thursday.

Senator Feargal Quinn began the four-day reading yesterday at 3pm at the Anglican All Saints’ Church in Raheny. It will end at noon with a reading from RTÉ’s Eileen Dunne, the newsreader who also presents a radio programme on religious affairs.

Some 200 volunteers are reading for 30 minutes each, and all readings are selected with the theme of hope in mind.

Rev Jim Carroll, rector of All Saints’ Church, said he hoped that reading and hearing the words from the Bible would be a source of comfort and hope for many.

“This is a call not to lose hope but rekindle the flame of optimism that we so much need in these present times. In uncertain times, due to economic turmoil, we can be driven to despair for our children, grandchildren and ourselves.”

Rev Carroll said similar despair was common when the Gospels were originally written.

“It is worth reminding ourselves that many generations have had and continue to have faith, which is a source of strength for believers and non-believers, to allow us contemplate a new future and a way to inspire us out of our current gloom.”

The copy of the King James Bible being used was presented to the Maunsell family, prominent members of the Anglican church, in September 1851.

All Saints’ Church was founded by the Guinness family and opened in 1889. Arthur Guinness is entombed in the church, as is his wife, his brother and sister.

U2 singer Bono and his wife Ali Hewson were married there.