Helicopter investor meets lawyers


MR David Gresty, the Monaco-based insurance broker who is said to have invested £100,000 in Celtic Helicopters in 1992, is understood to be in Dublin and to have met lawyers for the Moriarty tribunal. It is likely Mr Gresty will give evidence this week about his investment though this could not be confirmed last night.

The Moriarty tribunal into payments to politicians resumes its public hearings today after adjourning on February 18th.

Last month, Mr Gresty told The Irish Times his investment in Celtic Helicopters was one of a number he made through Mr Mike Murphy, of Mike Murphy Insurance Brokers, Dublin. The tribunal has heard that in late 1992, Celtic Helicopters was in financial difficulty. The helicopter company is part-owned by Mr Ciaran Haughey, son of Mr Charles Haughey.

The multi-millionaire property developer Mr John Byrne is scheduled to give evidence about his £47,532 investment in Celtic Helicopters in late 1992. Mr Byrne is likely to be questioned further about when he first discovered that £180,000, which came from Mr Ben Dunne, had passed through a bank account belonging to his company, Carlisle Trust, in November 1992.

A former chief executive of AIB, Mr Paddy O'Keeffe, is also scheduled to give evidence.