Good Buy For Now


SELF control is always a desirable quality and now Aveda has produced a hair product of the same name which is quite spectacularly desirable. Self Control was launched by the company in the United States last autumn and instantly became a bestseller; in fact by the end of the year, there were waiting lists in many department stores because stocks had run out.

What sets this hair gel apart is first of all the form in which it comes a solid styling stick similar to deodorants. Application means just wiping this stick across damp hair and then styling as desired. After a few times, it becomes easy to judge just how much is needed. As if the convenience of Self Control's form wasn't enough, it is also exceptionally effective providing more hold than most other products. What's more, there is no greasiness or flaky residue. Self Control has just become available on this side of the Atlantic and it's likely to become every bit as popular here as in the States.

Self Control, priced at £14 for a stick, is available from the Aveda counter at Brown Thomas, Dublin and Cash's, Cork as well as selected salons nationwide.