Following the label trail


Soyabeans are a hugely significant source of protein and of derivatives used in food manufacture. About 60 per cent of processed foods contain soya, and genetically modified (GM) soya is capturing a growing share on global markets.

The following is a list of typical products picked up in various supermarkets which contain soya, some of which are now using GM ingredients.

Marks & Spencer Prawns in a Sweet Chilli Sauce: contains soy sauce "produced from genetically modified soya" as declared on its label.

Tesco Special Fried Rice: contains light soy sauce powder, yellow bean sauce and hoisin sauce which "contains genetically modified soya", as described on its label.

Sharwoods Chicken Satay with Coconut Rice: contains vegetable oil, soy sauce and isolated soya protein, all of which comes from "a segregated source" say its manufacturers i.e. the soya is not GM.

Green Isle Hash Browns: contain soya vegetable oil from certified GMO-free sources, say its makers. Youngs Chip Shop Battered Jumbo Cod Fingers: contain soya flour which is identified on the package as "containing genetically modified material".

Galtee White Pudding: contains soya protein from GMO-free sources. With arrival of EU regulations, Galtee Meats changed its supply line to ensure protein from GMO-free sources and so did not require special labelling, a spokesman explains.

Milupa Vegetable Risotto: contains soya protein and soya flour from soya which is not GM, in line with company policy of not using GM foods or ingredients, according to a spokeswoman.