FOCUS Housing, a charitable organisation set up eight years ago by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, currently provides low cost housing for more than 100 people in Stanhope Green, Dublin. A major new project to provide inner city, mixed social housing for families and single people, with back up welfare, communal and creche facilities, is due to open in June.

The project at George's Hill, which is costing more than £3 million, will provide support for those who need emergency accommodation, transitional housing and long term housing. Some of the units are designed for wheelchair access and there will also be facilities for people suffer from AIDS. In order to finish the project, the charity still needs to raise at least £100,000 before June. Focus Housing can be contacted at Stanhope Green, Dublin 7 tel 6718563.

"DEATH Row" is title of at in Mother near Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, next from 1.30 to 4 p.m. The speaker is Frank Jennings of Amnesty and the conference is by Lifelines Ireland, a voluntary, apolitical organisation members offer friendship to women and men on death row.

THE Carers Association, representing Ireland's carers in the home, have sponsor cards and Tshirts available for the Women's Mini Marathon on June 9th. Tel 4971721.

"MEN Together" and "The Hero in Search of the Beloved" are the titles of two workshops for men taking place next weekend in Carlow and Dundalk. The former, which is residential, is led by Michael Herrick a Hakomi therapist and takes place in Myshall, Co Carlow the cost is £130, details from (01) 8210038. The second non residential workshop in Dundalk will be facilitated by Timothy Tate, psychotherapist the cost is £60 and bookings can be made at 042-32804.

CLONDALKIN Mental Health Services, in association with the Post Natal Distress Association of Ireland, presents a seminar on post natal distress in Bawnogue Youth and Community Centre, Clondalkin from 2 to 6 p.m. on Monday, May 27th. Bookings can be made on 4570009.