Greek MPs detail assets and real estate


A real estate portfolio of almost 60 properties, multiple bank accounts with millions in cash, shares, antique cars and yachts are among the details contained in the wealth declarations of Greek MPs.

The declarations, which some 500 sitting and former ministers, MPs and MEPs had to submit, relate to 2010, when the country applied for its first bailout.

In his return, Antonis Samaras, then main opposition leader and now prime minister, and his wife declared an income of €190,600, ownership of 13 properties and eight bank accounts with deposits of about €300,000.

Beating Mr Samaras in terms of property holdings and bank balances was then defence minister and current socialist Pasok leader Evangelos Venizelos. Along with his wife he earned €162,000, had €2.3 million in the bank and owned 27 properties.

More modest were the returns, published on Tuesday, of left-wing leaders.

Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras declared €81,000 in earnings, €11,000 in savings and a motorbike, while the head of the Communist Party, Aleka Papariga, declared a total income of €120,000, a bank account containing a meagre €832 and one property.

59 properties

Occupying the highest rung on the parliamentary property ladder was Pasok MP Anna Dalara, who declared ownership of 59 properties in her own name and jointly with her husband, renowned singer George Dalaras.

Many of the entries showed a huge gap between declared income and bank deposits, raising eyebrows among a sceptical public facing steep tax and electricity rate rises in 2013.

While Greece’s European commissioner Anna Damanaki declared an annual income of €260,000 – a figure more than double the prime minister’s salary and treble that of an MP – her total bank deposits amounted to €17,600 and £1,690.

The encryption used to publish the handwritten documents online means they cannot be easily printed or downloaded.

The returns will remain accessible online for only a month.