Grandad becomes king of fashion in China


The latest king of the fashionistas in China is a 72-year-old grandfather and former farmer who models teenage girls’ clothing for his granddaughter’s design firm.

Liu Qianping has caused a style sensation since a model cancelled a day’s photo shoot at his granddaughter Lu Ting’s company two weeks ago.

Liu happily stepped in to help her boost her online shop, called Yuekou. After finding a hot-pink cloak from among the collection, he put it on, and hasn’t looked back.

Clad in mini-skirts and tights, cardigans and jumpers, Liu looks like a natural in the photographs. And online, Liu, who spent most of his life toiling on the land in Hunan province, has become known affectionately as “MaDiGaGa”, or “funny old”.

In some shots he wears a wig, in others not, though he keeps his signature Boss aviator sunglasses on in every photograph. Short skirts predominate and he is exquisitely accessorised. And the goods are for sale on the Chinese version of eBay, TMall.

“My grandfather is happier than before, he enjoys being interviewed. He calls our relatives at our hometown about his experiences here in the city,” wrote Lu online.

Liu clearly is terribly excited about his modelling career and dismisses the critics. Ever since he got involved visits to their online site have increased four-fold and are still rising.

“Modelling for the store is helping my granddaughter and I have nothing to lose,” said the idiosyncratic Liu.