Ganley looks set to lose out


Marian Harkin has topped the poll in the North-West with 84,813 first preference votes after the first count while Declan Ganley looks unlikey to win a seat for Libertas after he finished in fourth place on 70,638 votes, nearly 10,000 votes behind FG’s Jim Higgins in third place.

Mr Higgins garnered 80,093 first preference votes while Fianna Fail’s Pat ‘The Cope’ Gallagher is in second place after the first count on 82,843 votes.

The strong performance of Mr Gallagher, who entered the race late, was something of a surprise and both he and Mr Higgins now look set to take the second and third seats in the European Parliament elections.

While early tallies suggested Mr Ganley would be in contention for the third seat, his challenge has faltered, although there is speculation at the count centre in Castlebar tonight that he is considering seeking a recount and the count has been stalled as be is querying the manner in which the ballot boxes were opened this morning.

More to follow