Galway woman's murder trial adjourned over juror numbers


The trial of a Connemara woman (31) charged with the murder of her former boyfriend was adjourned yesterday morning at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Galway because a jury of 12 people could not be sworn in due to insufficient numbers.

Maura Thornton, a native of Inverin, denies the murder of Kevin Joyce (59) at Upper Salthill on July 31st, 2011.

The initial trial opened before a jury of six men and six women last Tuesday but collapsed the following day when one of the jurors said he had been made aware of certain matters pertaining to the trial the night before and expressed concern about his eligibility to serve on the jury.

Mr Justice Barry White discharged that jury on Wednesday and a notice was broadcast at very short notice on local radio requesting members of the jury panel to attend for jury service yesterday.

Only 21 jurors out of a jury panel of 350 people showed up .

Mr Justice White said he could not start the trial until another juror was sworn and he asked the 11 to return on Monday when a 12th juror would be selected to join them.