Frenchman's chute caught on Statue of Liberty


A paraglider today had a miracle escape after his parachute was caught on the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

French stuntman Terry Do dangles from the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

Shocked tourists watched as the man, with a motorised propeller attached to his back, pulled himself almost 20ft to safety.

He was then pulled by park rangers and police on to the balcony surrounding the torch.

His bright pink parachute was left hanging on the statue for another 10 minutes after his rescue.

The man pulled himself up the outstretched copper arm of Lady Liberty to the very top of the torch, which is 151ft above the granite pedestal on which the statue stands, and 250ft above the water of New York harbour.

Kai Simon, a helicopter pilot who watched the drama unfold, told Fox News: "It was unclear how it happened. He may have been coming too close to the statue or it might have been something to do with the wind. We were very glad that he was able to be rescued."