Freedom of city was last granted in 1963


The Freedom of the City of Derry was last granted in 1963 to the Honourable The Irish Society which, under a Charter of James I, built and maintained Derry's walls to "help control the local Irish rebels" in 1614.

Forty individuals have been given the honour since 1690. Previous recipients include:

1690: The Duke of Schomberg, who fought for King William at the Boyne;

1786: William Pitt, British prime minister;

1807: Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington;

1817: Robert Peel, British prime minister;

1879: Ulysses S. Grant, US Civil War general and later president;

1924: The Duke of York (later George VI);

1945: Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery;

1955: Sir Winston Churchill, British prime minister.