Foreign drivers told to get it right and keep to the left


A campaign to remind tourists to drive on the left is being launched as the holiday season gets busier.

Minister for Transport and Tourism Leo Varadkar has asked the Road Safety Authority to give the matter attention.

This follows a request to Mr Varadkar by Kerry County Council after mounting concern about road crashes and near-misses involving foreign tourists.

Meanwhile the US embassy has issued this warning to its citizens who drive here: “Tourists driving on the wrong side of the road are the cause of several serious accidents each year.”

It warns that roads are more dangerous during the summer and on holiday weekends due to heavier traffic and has issued a warning about minor roads too.

The authority confirmed: “We have met the Car Rental Council of Ireland on this matter. They have informed us that safety stickers are provided in rental cars.

“With increased . . . motoring tourism, we are currently reviewing our road safety campaigns to ensure that our message reaches tourists.”