Film footage may offer clues about outback mystery


Autralian police believe a New Zealand producer's film footage could help them find the man who ambushed two British tourists in the Australian outback.

Mr Falconio, 28, has been missing since the pair were ambushed near Barrow Creek, north of Alice Springs, last month. Auckland producer Mr Murray Francis captured the West Yorkshire pair on film.

Alice Springs criminal investigation bureau superintendent Ms Kate Vanderlaan, who is overseeing the inquiry, said police had looked through the footage and found the couple.

She told the Sunday Star Times: "They (the films) have been useful in establishing the movements of Joanne and Peter. But I do not know if the killer is on the tape.

"We're still going through them. They certainly might prove useful when an offender is found."

Ms Lees, 27, told police the gunman signalled Mr Falconio to stop the couple's campervan near Barrow Creek within hours of the Camel Cup races on July 14th.

She says she survived only because the gunman failed to tie her wrists together properly behind her back.

She escaped from the back of the gunman's vehicle and spent almost six hours hiding before flagging down a motorist.