Fear behind vote - Kenny


Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said tonight that fear and desperation were behind the decision by the Green Party to back the revised programme for government and the National Assests Management Agency (Nama).

In a statement published shortly after the result of the vote was announced, Mr Kenny accused the Green Party of "foisting a €54,000 million debt burden onto the shoulders of current and future generations of Irish people".

He referred to by Nobel prize winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz who on a visit to Ireland earlier this week, said the policy of paying over market value for distressed assets was “criminal” .

"As a result of the decision today by the Green Party, it is the Irish taxpayer who is going to be the victim of this "criminal" policy," he said.

“Fine Gael will look to debate the proposed new Programme for Government next week in the Dáil but we recognise this decision, borne out of desperation, for what it is: a sticking plaster solution over a festering boil that is this most incompetent Government in Irish history," the Fine Gael leader said.

Mr Kenny concluded his statement by saying that the Irish people wanted a change of Government and Fianna Fáil out of office. "The decision today has simply delayed that outcome.”

Sinn Fein also condemned tonight’s decision. Caoimhghin O’ Caolain described it as a “missed opportunity to do the right thing by the Irish people and turf Fianna Fáil out of Government”.

He said the Green Party was “obviously terrified of the prospect of a general election. They had the opportunity today to do the right thing by the Irish people and turf Fianna Fail out of Government. Instead they missed that opportunity and acted in their own selfish interests.”