EU ministers to consider law on bankruptcy


Ireland is backing an EU law that could stop some people from declaring bankruptcy in the UK. More than 50 European justice and home affairs ministers are to discuss the plan at a meeting in Dublin tomorrow.

Today they will hear a proposal for a Europe-wide missing persons day by Minister for Justice Alan Shatter.

The EU plan on bankruptcy proposes allowing “honest entrepreneurs” a second chance to get back to business while avoiding lengthy and costly insolvency. Ireland is pushing for stricter rules on people moving their interests to another state to declare bankruptcy.

Some high-profile Irish property developers have declared bankruptcy in the UK, which ends after one year. A new law in Ireland reduces bankruptcy to three years from a previous 12. Ireland also wants to see non-judicial debt settlements to be recognised across the EU, said Mr Shatter .

Missing persons’ day

The Minister said he would be asking his EU counterparts for their backing to hold a missing persons’ day throughout the EU. Ireland would hold the first such day on December 4th this year and since some missing persons cases involved a cross-border element, a Europe-wide focus by police and the public could be of help, he said.

Today, ministers will also discuss plans to allow migrants work in the EU to address skills shortages. Tomorrow, ministers will hear a presentation by the Criminal Assets Bureau. Ireland is pushing for a law on mutual recognition between EU states of the confiscation of criminal assets.

Ministers will also discuss a revision of the EU’s data protection law. Mr Shatter said he would like to see the review reduce costs for businesses while ensuring consumers had adequate protection of personal information.

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EU missing persons’ day


Cross-border insolvency Presentation by Criminal Assets Bureau

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