Electric scooter plan for Phoenix Park


Footpath scooters could soon be whizzing around Dublin’s Phoenix Park, it emerged today.

The Office for Public Works (OPW) wants firms to provide Segway-type vehicles for hire so people can travel along the network of cycle paths which run for several miles.

A Segway is a two-wheeled personal transportation device with an electric motor. It is used in parks, college campuses, golf courses and airports around the world.

Users can control the scooter via its handlebars and by leaning forwards or backwards.

The OPW said: “We are inviting expressions of interest in operating a service using these vehicles to allow members of the public to use the network of cycle lanes and footpaths in the Phoenix Park.

“Based in the replies received the OPW may proceed to award a contract to operate such a service on a pilot basis for one year.”

Interested firms must submit a business plan and have employer’s liability insurance. The successful operator must also comply with health and safety standards.