In my life. . . Amanda Brunker


Current job: Former Miss Ireland, now social columnist and television presenter.

What schools did you go to? Finglas National School and Mount Temple. At neither did I have to wear a uniform, and at both I got to sit with boys!

Best subject? Definitely art, followed by geography, German and French. Because we were a mixed school and I was always the tomboy, I stubbornly went with woodwork and metalwork in Mount Temple - just because I could! It's a pity, though: I would now love to know how to make a great apple tart!

Worst subject? It's embarrassing, but Irish was my worst.

What's the boldest thing you ever did in school? Well, I was suspended twice and expelled once. But my mother still managed to get me back in. I wasn't exactly a bold child, more of a strong- willed one!

Who was your favourite teacher and why? I did relate to my PE teachers, because they gave me the respect I thought I deserved.

What was your earliest career ambition? To be a zookeeper or TV presenter.

Were you cool or nerdy at school? The cheek! Most definitely cool. Though I was the anti-rebel rebel, which meant I didn't smoke just because everyone else did. Thankfully that was very cool - in the long run!

What song most reminds you of your school days? Anything from The Doors, The Ramones or The Cure.

What would you look for in a school for your own children? I was just arguing with my boyfriend over this. I want mine to go to a mixed, non-denominational school, and preferably an Irish-speaking school. He just wants sons who go to St Michael's.

Were your school days the best days of your life? Not a chance. I hated them. My life started the day I left.