DJ rapist cries as he gets four life sentences


A disc jockey rapist wept as he was given four life sentences in London yesterday, after a judge told Richard Baker he was a "depraved and wicked" man who was a danger to women.

Moments earlier, his brother Mr Kevin Baker (36) put both hands up to his eyes in the public gallery and wept as the judge praised his courage in helping police catch the rapist.

"Your brother's actions should be applauded, putting the public interest above that of his family," the judge told Baker (34).

Mr Kevin Baker, a West Country businessman, said outside court he had been ostracised by his family but believed justice had been done.

It was after Mr Baker spotted an artist's impression of the suspect, who attacked 12 women across southern England, that Baker was caught.

He overpowered his victims, attacked them and threatened to return to kill them if they contacted police.

The judge gave Baker life sentences for three rapes and an attempted rape on victims aged 15, 16, 18 and 16. He should serve at least 12 years.

Spanish police were also investigating a series of rape complaints against him.