Derry airport to run at £2.5m loss


A spokesperson for Derry City Council said yesterday that the council-owned City of Derry airport was expected to run at a loss of £2.5-million sterling over the next years. The spokesperson said that under a three-year draft plan, this was the "most likely scenario".

"The airport is in year three of a longer-term development programme which predicts that the facility will break even within 10 years with an estimated annual passenger throughput of 200,000. In fact, passenger targets were consistently surpassed until last year's summer unrest," said the spokesperson. The statement' follows widespread criticism of the council's administration of the airport.

The DUP recently proposed that a committee of councillors, airport users and local business people should be formed to supervise its running. The spokesperson said airport losses were expected to be £977,900 this year, falling to £839,200 in 1998 and £736,400 in 1999.