Denmark defends decision to back Iraq war


Denmark has defended the intelligence it used to participate in war on Iraq.

"The decision to disarm Iraq was not based on CIAintelligence but on reports from former UN weapons inspectorHans Blix," Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said on Monday.

"All information has openly been presented to parliament".

But the Danish opposition has called for an inquiry into whether the Nordic's country's support for the war was given on false grounds.

Denmark contributed a submarine and a warship to theinvasion to disarm former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. About 400 Danish security forces are operating in southern Iraq.

Three months after Saddam was deposed, no evidence ofweapons of mass destruction has been found in Iraq.

The United States last week admitted its claim that Saddam's Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger was based on forgeddocuments.

In Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair faces accusations his government manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction to justify military action.