Delorentos, Crawdaddy


Delorentos, Crawdaddy:

It's when Delorentos break into current anthem Care For that you realise the extent of just what they've accomplished on their third album Little Sparks.

The Dublin four-piece have many plenty of ups and downs in their career to date ­ including a short-lived split - but that new album is a winner because of infectious, superbly grilled, neatly rounded, bracing, radio-friendly tunes. Delorentos may also play a smart game in how they plug and promote themselves, but pulling audiences is about tunes as much as

The rest of the set is similarly equipped, with songs like Bullet In A Good and In Love With Detail catching the right indie-rock waves. If they keep up this pace, album number four will be a whopper.

Verdict: ****