Rape trial: Blaine McIlroy says woman was 'trying to pull' members of group

Co-accused Blane McIlroy says alleged victim tried to kiss him earlier in night

Blane McIlroy arriving at Belfast Crown Court. File photograph: PA

Blane McIlroy arriving at Belfast Crown Court. File photograph: PA


A co-accused of Ireland and Ulster rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding told police a woman they are alleged to have raped was “trying to pull” numerous members of their group that night.

In his police interviews on June 30th, 2016, two days after the alleged rape, Blane McIlroy was asked if he was “jealous” Mr Jackson had seemingly just had sex with the complainant that night.

Mr McIlroy denied this and said the woman had tried to kiss him earlier in the night but he declined. He told police: “It was obvious she was trying to pull or kiss numerous members of the group. Paddy’s the one who ended up going upstairs with her.”

He said he was not interested in kissing her as he was interested in another girl there.

Mr McIlroy is charged with a single count of exposing himself to the woman. She told police he entered the room after the alleged rape, thrust his penis at her and said: “You fucked these guys. Why not me?”

Giving his version of events to police, Mr McIlroy said he went upstairs to sleep in Mr Jackson’s room and saw the woman and Mr Jackson laying naked on the bed. He said it was clear they had just had sex.

Mr Jackson asked him to “come in for the chats”, he said. He entered because it would have been “rude” to just stand there.

Oral sex

He said he did so and the woman kissed, masturbated and performed oral sex on him while Mr Jackson lay beside them naked. He said she did not appear distressed or in any discomfort. Mr Jackson had earlier told police Mr McIlroy did not enter the room while he was present.

Mr McIlroy said he saw Mr Jackson “going to have sex with her again” but she said “you’ve no condoms”. He said he left the room naked to ask others for condoms without success.

Mr McIlroy said when the woman was leaving she said: “This isn’t like me, I usually don’t do one-night stands”. He repeated she was not distressed.

The jury also heard details of an interview conducted four months later on October 4th, 2016, in which Mr McIlroy was asked if he deleted a text message he sent that night to Mr Jackson “asking about the possibility of a threesome”.

He admitted he deleted the message in a “panic” after the police first called him in for interview.