Police investigating after video shows Romanian woman being verbally abused

Footage taken in Antrim and posted on Facebook

Police are investigating an incident in Antrim after footage of three teenagers abusing a Romanian woman was posted online.


Police are investigating a video in which a youth verbally abused a young Romanian woman in Northern Ireland.

He also appeared to throw a stone at the woman.

The footage was taken in Antrim and posted on Facebook and involved three young males.

When she asked why they did not respect girls, they said: “You are not a girl but an immigrant and you shouldn’t be in this country.”

One of the young people also asked if she had a passport.

When asked where she was from, she said Romania.

He responded: “We don’t like Romanians.”

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Chief Inspector Arthur Davidson said: “At this stage we have identified the three boys involved and arrangements will be made to speak to them formally over the next few days. We are also working to identify the victim in order to ensure she is offered every support as we move forward with our investigation.”

Alliance Antrim councillor Neil Kelly said he was horrified. “This is not reflective of the vast majority of people in Antrim, who are welcoming and friendly to all. I have been inundated with people voicing their concern in relation to it and wishing to express their best wishes to the victim.

“I hope she is okay after this incident and does not judge everybody in this town by the disgraceful actions of a few. There can never be an excuse for racism – it has absolutely no place in our society and blatant intimidation such as this video appears to show needs to be stamped out.”