Chronology of attacks on Westeners in Saudi Arabia

The following is a chronology of recent attacks on Westerners in Saudi Arabia.

The following is a chronology of recent attacks on Westerners in Saudi Arabia.

Nov. 13, 1995- Five Americans and two Indians are killed and 60 people wounded in an explosion at a car park near a US-run military training centre in Riyadh.

June 25, 1996- A bomb in a fuel truck kills 19 American soldiers and wounds nearly 400 people at a U.S. military housing complex in the eastern city of Khobar.

Nov. 17, 2000- British engineer Christopher Rodway, an employee at a Riyadh military hospital, is killed and his wife Jane injured by a car bomb in the capital.


Nov. 22, 2000- Three British employees of a Saudi firm joint owned by US aircraft giant Boeing, and one Irish woman are injured by a car bomb in Riyadh.

Dec. 15, 2000- David Brown, a British employee of Coca Cola International, is badly burned in Khobar by a bomb hidden in a package near the windscreen of his car.

March 15, 2001- A Briton and an Egyptian are injured by an explosive device placed in a bin near a bookstore in Riyadh.

May 2, 2001- A parcel bomb blows up in the face of American doctor Gary Hatch at Saad Medical Centre in Khobar, seriously wounding him.

Oct. 6, 2001- Two foreigners, including one American, are killed and four others wounded in Khobar.

June 20, 2002- British banker Simon John Veness is killed by a car bomb in Riyadh.

Sept. 29, 2002- A German man dies when what appears to be a bomb rips through his car in Riyadh.

Feb. 20, 2003- A Briton working for defence contractor BAE Systems is shot dead in Riyadh.

May 12, 2003- Suicide bombers attack housing compounds in Riyadh, killing 35 people. At least 200 are wounded.

Nov. 9, 2003- Suspected al Qaeda suicide bombers blow up a Riyadh residential compound housing foreigners and Saudis, killing 18.

May 1, 2004- Gunmen kill five Westerners and two police in a shooting spree in the oil centre Yanbu.

May 29, 2004- Militants attack oil company and housing compounds in Khobar then flee to the city's Oasis housing compound, taking dozens of hostages. Seven Saudi security police are killed.

May 30, 2004- Saudi commandos storm the Oasis compound and free 41 hostages. Twenty-two civilians are killed including an American, a Briton and an Italian. Three gunmen escape.

June 6, 2004- Saudi gunmen kill Simon Cumbers, an Irish cameraman working for the BBC, and seriously wound his British colleague Frank Gardner as they film in an Islamist militant area of Riyadh.

June 8- An American working for US company Vinnell which helps train the Saudi National Guard is shot dead in an eastern suburb of Riyadh.

June 12- Kenneth Scroggs, a US national, is shot dead in Riyadh as he parks his car in front of his villa in the suburb of Malazz. Al Qaeda claim responsibility the next day.

June 18- Paul Johnson, an employee of US defence contractor Lockheed Martin, is beheaded after being kidnapped on June 12. He is the first Westerner to be kidnapped.

Aug. 3- An Irish civil engineer who worked for a Saudi firm is shot dead in his office in eastern Riyadh.