Campaign of bomb terror on banks


LONDON - A bomber is waging a terror campaign against Barclays Bank and other financial institutions. Over the past 16 months, has posted or planted more than 25 devices, it was reported last night.

Scotland Yard declined to add to an earlier statement that police were investigating extortion threats made to several major financial organisations. Their statement said the inquiry by the Anti Terrorist branch was focusing on a small number of home made devices sent by mail and delivered by hand during the past 16 months to addresses in the London area.

Today's Daily Mail claims some of the 25 devices had been sent to Barclays branches, bank officials and others were left in public phone boxes. The first few bombs were followed by a blackmail demand, setting out an elaborate scheme which could have netted the bomber thousands of pounds.

But later communications were much less rational and police feared he was now determined simply to cause damage or injury, it added.