Call to recycle Easter packaging


Repak has urged consumer to recycle all used Easter packaging from cardboard and plastic to aluminium foil wrapping.

The recycling agency estimates an extra 42,000 tonnes of used packaging from cards, beverage and other materials is generated over the Easter period.

Irish consumers munch through almost 1,000 tonnes of chocolate at Easter and the aluminium foil could be recycled to make 1.3 million drinks cans.

Repak said Easter egg packaging accounts for only 2 per cent of all used packaging consumed over the holiday.

Although manufacturers have reduced packaging on Easter Eggs by an average of 25 per cent, the

Repak spokesman Darrell Crowe said: “Last year we recycled 16,500 tonnes or approximately 40 per cent of all household used packaging.

Mr Crowe said: “This year we are targeting to collect nearly 19,000 tonnes or about 12 kilos per household which is approximately 45 per cent of all packaging.

“This would result in the equivalent of 23,000 tonnes of carbon saved or the same as removing 12,500 cars from the road.

This year Easter egg manufacturers Cadburys, Mars and Nestle have reduced their packaging by on average 25-30 per cent and increased the recyclability of packaging, as well as using recycled material in their packaging, added extra information on recycling and reduced the amount of packaging used.”

We are now asking Irish householders to help us over the final hurdle and recycle as much of the packaging as possible through their recycling bins, bring banks and by visiting their recycling centres,” he added.