Call for McGuinness to give details of IRA killings


Sinn Féin minister Mr Martin McGuinness was under pressure tonight to state all he knows about 34 murders carried out by the IRA in Derry during 1972.

Ulster Unionist Assembly member Mr David McClarty issued the challenge after it emerged this week that Mr McGuinness has admitted to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry he was second-in-command of the IRA in Derry on the day of the shooting of 13 people by the British army in 1972.

Mr McClarty said in 1972 when Mr McGuinness was adjutant, the IRA was responsible for the murder of at least 34 people in Derry.

"The people of Northern Ireland have a right to know about the extent of Martin McGuinness's involvement in authorising, directing or participating in these IRA murders.

"Millions of pounds of public money is being spent at the Saville Inquiry, yet nothing is being done to expose the murderous past of Martin McGuinness," Mr McClarty said. The East Derry MLA listed the names of 17 British army soldiers, 11 civilians, including nine people killed in the Claudy bombing, four UDR members and two Royal Ulster Constabulary officers.

  • RUC Sergeant Peter Gilgunn and Constable David Montgommery shot dead as they drove along the Creggan Road in Derry on January 27th - three days before Bloody Sunday.
  • Major Robin Nigel Alers-Hankey of the Royal Green Jackets who died in a London hospital on the day of Bloody Sunday January 30th from bullet wounds sustained in a riot in the city four months earlier.
  • Ulster Defence Regiment member and bus driver, Thomas Callaghan, a Catholic, from Derry who was dragged from his vehicle, bundled into a car, hooded, gagged and shot in the back of the head on February 16th.
  • Royal Green Jackets Rifleman John Taylor, shot dead by a sniper at Lower Road near William Street in Derry on March 20th.
  • Joseph Forsythe and Robert Mitchell, two Protestant civilians, killed when a van bomb exploded outside Limavady RUC station on March 28th.
  • Royal Artillery Regiment soldiers Lance Bombadier Eric Blackburn and Lance Bombadier Brian Thomasson, killed when a bomb exploded in a bowling green pavilion in Brooke Park in Ferry on April 10th.
  • UDR member Edward Megahey, a Protestant, gunned down by a sniper who opened fire on a convoy of three Land Rovers along the Buncrana Road in Derry on June 9th.
  • Gunner William Raistrick of the Royal Artillery killed in a gun attack in the Creggan area of the city on June 11th.
  • Fusilier Kerry McCarthy of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, shot while on duty at Strand Road RUC station on June 21th.
  • Lance Corporal David Moon of 664 Aviation Squad, Private Christoper Stevenson of the Parachute Regiment and Sergeant Stuart Reid of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers killed in a landmine attack on their Land Rover near Dungiven followed by gunfire on June 24th.
  • Rifleman James Meredith of the Royal Green Jackets who was killed in a submachinegun attack at a checkpoint on the Abercorn Road in Derry on June 26th.
  • Lance Bombadier Terence Jones of the 20th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery who was shot dead by a sniper following an explosion in Great James Street on July 11th.
  • Civilians, Elizabeth McElhinney, Joseph McCluskey, Kathryn Eakin, David Miller, James McClelland, William Temple, Arthur Hone, Rose McLaughlin and Patrick Joseph Connolly killed by three bombs in the village of Claudy on July 31st.
  • Sergeant Arthur Whitelock of the Light Infantry who was shot by a sniper in the Shantallow area of Derry on August 24th.
  • Sergeant Anthony Metcalfe of the Coldstream Guards shot in the neck by an IRA sniper on the Creggan estate on August 27th.
  • Guardsman John Van Beck of the Scots Guards, shot while on foot patrol on the Lecky Road in the city on September 17th.
  • Lance-Sergeant Thomas McKay of the Scots Guards, shot in the head by one of two high velocity sniper's bullets which entered the rear of his Land Rover as it approached the corner of Brook Street and Bishop Street in Derry on October 28th.
  • UDR member and plasterer, Samuel Porter, a Protestant, shot while reversing his car into the driveway of his whitewashed cottage at Ballinahone near Maghera on November 22nd.
  • Gunner Paul Jackson, a Regimental Photographer with the Royal Artillery in a bomb attack on a supermarket on the Strand Road on November 28th.
  • UDR member and electrician, George Hamilton, a Protestant, killed with a single sniper's shot while repairing a fault at Croppy Hill Reservoir on December 20th.
  • Lance Corporal Colin Harker who died on Christmas Eve from bullet wounds to the neck and upper body sustained on September 15th while on duty at Derry's gasworks on the Lecky Road in the Bogside.