Bombardier laying off 800 in the US


Bombardier Aerospace, the Canadian parent company of Belfast-based Short Brothers plans to lay off 800 workers in the US due to the continuing downturn in the business aircraft market.

The company said at the time that further layoffs were predicted if significant improvements in the business aircraft market did not occur.

"Unfortunately, the business aircraft market has been slow to recover," Mr Jim Ziegler, vice president and general manager of Learjet Operations and Aircraft Completion Centers, said in a prepared statement.

Most of the additional reductions will occur in Arizona, where 550 people will lose their jobs during the next 12 months. Another 250 people will be laid off in Wichita over the next 90 days.

About 350 Bombardier workers in Wichita lost their jobs in that initial cutback. The Tucson facility had not been affected by the prior layoffs.

Wichita has been especially hard-hit by the downturn in the aviation industry, with nearly 7,000 layoffs in Wichita in the wake of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks and the slowing economy. Most of those have come at Boeing's Wichita facility, where 5,000 workers are being laid off.