Bishop Murray: timeline


The following is a chronological order of how Bishop Murray arrived at his decision to resign, as outlined on the Diocese of Limerick website alongside his statement today:

Bishop Murray took some time to study the Murphy Report after its publication on Thursday 26th November. The following is a chronological order of how Bishop Murray arrived at this decision:

* On Sunday 29th November he said: “ far as I am concerned the question of whether I should resign is a question of whether my presence here is a help or a hindrance to the diocese of Limerick”. He since listened to the views – which arrived directly, by letter, text, email and telephone - of many people in and, indeed, outside the diocese, not least survivors of clerical sexual abuse. He is grateful to all who responded.

* Bishop Murray informed the Vicars General of the Diocese on the afternoon of Tuesday 1st December of his decision to offer his resignation.

* On Wednesday 2nd December, Bishop Murray contacted the Apostolic Nuncio, asking him to set about arranging a meeting with the Congregation of Bishops in Rome.

* This meeting took place on Monday 7th December; Cardinal Re agreed to present Bishop Murray’s letter of resignation to the Pope on Saturday 12th at his weekly meeting with Pope Benedict.

* On Monday 14th December, Bishop Murray visited the Congregation once more and received the news that the Holy Father had acceded to his request.

* Cardinal Re agreed that it would be appropriate for Bishop Murray to return to Limerick in order to be present in the diocese at the time of the announcement of his resignation by the Holy See today, Thursday, 17th December.

* Bishop Murray has expressed his appreciation to Cardinal Brady who was unfailingly supportive and helpful to him during this time.