Bishop Daly armed on Bloody Sunday - Para


A former paratrooper is to claim in evidence today at the Bloody Sunday inquiry that the former Bishop of Derry, Dr Edward Daly, was armed during the 1972 civil rights march.

Soldier L was threatened with contempt of court after he failed to turn up to give evidence to the Saville Inquiry last month, saying he feared for his life.

The tribunal is investigating the events of January 30th, 1972, when 13 of unarmed civilians were shot dead by paratroopers during a civil rights march in the Bogside area of Londonderry.

Soldier L, who fired a number of shots on the day, is due to tell the inquiry that former Bishop of Derry, Edward Daly, then a parish priest, concealed two rifles under his cassock.

He has also claimed he saw another soldier fire so many shots into a body at point blank range, that when other soldiers lifted it on to an Army vehicle, it split in two.

In his statement, Soldier L said his intention on Bloody Sunday was to get Sinn Féin's Mr Martin McGuinness, then second-in-command of the IRA in Derry, "dead or alive".

He also claimed he saw plastic explosives at the rubble barricade in Rossville Street, where four of the victims were shot dead.