Belfast racists attack Filipino hospital workers


Hospital workers from the Filipino community were targeted today in the latest racist attacks in north Belfast.

Graffiti was daubed on homes and cars at Queen Victoria Gardens in Skegoneill and Fortwilliam Parade, said police.

Belfast Lord Mayor, Mr Tom Ekin, condemned the attacks which he said were the latest in a long line of attacks against the Filipino community.

"It is shameful that hospital workers, who are so badly needed here, are being attacked because of the colour of their skin," he said.

Mr Ekin added: "Those behind this attack are a tiny minority who represent no-one. They certainly do not represent the vast majority of the people of the area who are outraged that this has happened."

Democratic Unionist North Belfast MP, Mr Nigel Dodds added: "There can be no excuse for this type of behaviour. The people behind this kind of activity need to realise that they will achieve absolutely nothing except the contempt of decent law-abiding people."

The Anti-Racism Network said the targeting of the Filipino community had been going on for a considerable time but had got even worse since the President of the Philippines spoke out to condemn the victimisation back in April.

Chairman Davy Carlin added: "Sadly the attacks we hear about through the media are just the tip of the iceberg, and the ARN is concerned at how racist attacks are becoming more violent and spreading to places with no history of racist violence."