Baxter to appeal against IOC decision


Scottish skier Alain Baxter confirmed today he is to appeal the International Olympic Committee's decision to strip him of his bronze medal.

The claim will be lodged with the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland following the IOC's sanction last month.

Speaking before the release of a formal statement, Baxter said: "I'm convinced that the IOC has got this wrong and I am fighting to regain the ranking points and bronze medal I won on merit in Salt Lake.

"It is vital that the IOC allow an isomer separation test in order that I can fully clear my name of any doping charges. This is crucial to the future of my skiing career," he said.

Baxter was ordered last month to hand back the bronze medal after failing a post-race drugs test when 20 millionths of a gramme of banned substance methamphetamine was detected in his urine sample.