Babes in the Wood


THIS year's Christmas show at the Lambert Puppet Theatre is Babes in the Wood, the perfect occasion for the smaller, say pre-teens, children to have a festive romp. It opens with the now traditional warm up by Eugene Lambert, Dog Judge and Mr Crow, embroiled in verbal cock ups, after which even the adult minders are in good form.

Then to the main show, a fast paced and funny variation on the familiar panto theme. We have here a bad Baron, his inept vulture sidekick, a nasty witch, a good wizard and, of course, the eponymous Babes. Others to feature are a king, a nanny, assorted flower mice and a few casuals.

The core of the action is the conversion, in inimitable puppetry mode, of the boy babe into a frog, and the battle by the forces of good to restore him to brat hood. All ends well, of course, and even the baddies are semi forgiven. Audience involvement is invited, and vehemently proffered.

Production values are up to the usual excellent standards colourful and rapidly changing settings, bright costumes, lively music and, above all, the Lamberts' ingeniously fashioned and expertly manipulated puppets.