Ardfheis Quotes


Our booming economy and favourable social welfare terms are now attracting people from less fortunate countries to Ireland. Sadly, not all welcome the strangers in our midst.

- Ms Jane Lehane (Dublin South) advocating that asylum-seekers be allowed work

The fact that an asylum-seeker has been in the State for six months does not mean he or she is a bonafide refugee. If Ireland were to adopt the policy proposed in this motion, it would encourage many more people to come here to attempt to take advantage of our social welfare benefits.

- Ms Frances O'Sullivan (Dublin South East)

When Pee Flynn, Ray Burke and Charles J. Haughey were setting up their fodder scheme, they did not take £30, £50 or £100. You know what they took, and it did not go to the farmers of Ireland.

- Mr Michael Ring TD

Farmers, particularly young farmers, are very like the Progressive Democrats. They are a dying breed.

- Ms Elaine Byrne (Wicklow)

Statements by the IRA in the Sinn Fein newspaper, An Phoblacht, to the effect that there never will be decommissioning are hardly the kind of confidence-building measure that is demanded of all parties to the (Belfast) Agreement.

- Mr Charles Flanagan TD

Where has this hot gospelling preacher gone to? The reforming zealot who had all the answers? Quite frankly, the performance of the Minister for Justice, Mr O'Donoghue, has been abysmal.

- Mr Jim Higgins TD