Aga Khan employee gets injunction against stud


The company which represents the Aga Khan's blood-stock interests in Ireland was restrained by a High Court order yesterday from holding a disciplinary inquiry involving the secretary to the manager of the Aga Khan's stud.

Mrs Mary Charlton (54), of Carnalway, Kilcullen, Co Kildare, obtained an interlocutory injunction against the Aga Khan's Stud's Societ e Civile, which will continue until her action is heard on February 26th.

Ms Justice Laffoy also ordered that Mrs Charlton be paid her wages in the meantime and that payment be back-dated to September lst.

Last week Mrs Charlton said she was secretary to Mr Drion, a French national who was stud manager until June this year when his employment was terminated after an investigation carried out on behalf of the Aga Khan.

Mrs Charlton alleged that on July 28th the personnel manager and former head of security, Mr Frank Faughnan, outlined serious allegations which would be made at an inquiry involving her and concerning the period of Mr Drion's management.

Mr Faughnan said he had been designated by the Aga Khan's representatives to investigate matters "pertaining to the fraudulent use" of the Aga Khan's property and that Mrs Charlton had a duty as an employee to co-operate in investigations.

Ms Justice Laffoy, in a reserved judgment yesterday, said Mrs Charlton and Mr Faughnan had each made very serious allegations against each other.

There was a fair issue to be tried in Mrs Charlton's upcoming action as to the true nature of the inquiry, whether it was merely an investigation or a disciplinary process.

There was also a fair issue to be tried as to whether, if the inquiry was conducted by Mr Faughnan, Mrs Charlton could be assured of a fair hearing.

It would be for the trial judge to decide whether the allegations were well founded and, if not, whether each allegation was motivated by malice or a lack of good faith and, if so, how that should impact on the court's decision.