Actor Daniel Day-Lewis quits film business


Irish actor Daniel Day-Lewis (45) has quit the film industry, citing his dismay with the film-making process.

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He has recently finished the new Martin Scorcese epic Gangs of New York.But despite a return to the limelight since his 1997 flop The Boxer, Day-Lewis says he has not learned anything from his Hollywood career.

"Part of this is that as an actor you learn, you learn; you shoot and shoot for a long time; and then you're dog meat," he said. "And then you realise that you learned nothing. And that's a difficult thing to live with.

"That is the prevailing sensation of films. You just feel scooped out, having given everything".

During 20 years of professional acting Day-Lewis has only appeared in 20 films.

His stage career came to an abrupt end 12 years ago after he walked out during a performance of Hamlet- claiming to have seen the ghost of his late father. He has recently moved to Italy with wife Rebecca Miller.