45 fans hurt during Eminem concert in Glasgow


Forty-five fans had to receive medical treatment after they were crushed at a concert featuring Eminem.

They were crushed 20 minutes after the Detroit rapper came on stage at the Gig on the Green festival in Glasgow. The show was stopped while police and stewards helped to remove injured fans caught up in the crush. Before the rapper appeared on stage, announcements had been made by festival organisers asking people to stop surging forward. A spokesman for the ambulance service said 45 fans were treated for minor injuries. Five were taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary and two to the city's Victoria Infirmary for observation. A police spokesman said an overhead helicopter at the concert help staff monitor the situation for the 30 minutes while the concert was halted. The spokesman praised Eminem and his band for helping to ease the situation and complying with requests from organisers to ask fans to stop moving forward. He said: "Eminem and his band did all they could to help the situation and we are grateful for his support." Ms Susan McCarrol, 21, of Glasgow, who was at the sell-out show said: "I was near the front and it was really scary. There was this mad surge of people and they kept moving forward. "You could hear folk say 'get off' and things like that. When it got too bad we just moved out of the way and decided to leave." PA