250 jobs for engineering firm


An Irish engineering firm is to create 250 jobs after developing unique wind turbines which generate power even in a light breeze, it was revealed today.

The C&F Group, based in Athenry, Co Galway claims the breakthrough technology is a world-first, generating electricity at speeds as low as 1.2 metre a second and powering homes 350 days a year.

C&F owner, John Flaherty, 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year, said there will be a huge spin-off for smaller firms.

“This move into wind energy and to be an original equipment manufacturer has been part of our strategy for some time,” Mr Flaherty said.

“I believe this world-beating technology will give us a real competitive edge in a tough global marketplace.”

The technology will see C&F invest 20 million euro over the next four years expanding the Athenry manufacturing plant by 70,000 square feet.

The new jobs will be in design, engineering, manufacturing and management, sales and after-sales, with staff taken on over the next two years.

C&F’s turbine design is capable of producing 40 per cent more power than existing models with giant industrial turbines and wind farms capable of generating power even in a light wind.

Sustainable Energy Ireland said current designs can only generate electricity at 30 per cent of their capabilities.

Mr Flaherty said the aim is to make clean wind energy available to domestic, agricultural and small business users at affordable prices — in Ireland and globally. Around 70% of the turbines will be exported, mainly to the European

The system will also be used to power the Volvo Ocean race village in Galway when boats arrive late next week.