145 make it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro


An Irish mountaineer yesterday led 145 people to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain in a fundraising drive for Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

Ian McKeever guided the group to the top of the 5,895m Mount Kilimanjaro, after a 6½-day ascent.

David Hamilton (11), who was the group’s youngest participant, was first to the top yesterday at 11am, brandishing a Tricolour.

The other climbers, most of who were schoolchildren aged between 11 and 17, followed in separate groups, with the fastest and most experienced participants bringing up the rear.

Speaking from the top of the peak Mr McKeever (42) from Lough Dan in Co Wicklow, said: “We’re all delighted. There were very few problems and it’s a fantastic achievement by everyone involved, particularly in such a young group.”